Ranch Welcome

You will find Rocky Mountain scenery out your window and a trout-filled stream out your door. The G Bar M ranch is nestled in Montana’s Bridger Mountains. With 30,000 acres of open countryside checker-boarded with leased mountain range and owned valley meadows, the panoramic views just get more awe-inspiring the higher you ride.

In operation since 1900, the ranch has welcomed guests since the early 1930s. We’re a working cattle ranch. Our motto is: to have good neighbors, you must be a good neighbor. In addition to caring for our horses and cattle, we manage the breeding and summer grazing rotation for a few of our neighboring ranches which expands the scope of our operations.

Whether you immerse yourself completely in our day-to-day ranch activities or enjoy everything at a slower pace, we’d love to have you join us.


The facilities are all about ranch hospitality, comfort, and quality. We limit the number of riders (10 to 12) and so there is plenty of room for guests to spread out and get comfortable.

The newly constructed Lodge has four bedrooms (queen or twin), very comfortable and beautifully decorated with hand-made quilts and western décor. Each has a private bathroom. Or there is the restored ranch house for guests who want more privacy with a fully furnished kitchen-dining-living area.

We also have two rustic log cabins each with two bedrooms (double or twin) with bathroom, open living space, and kitchenette. The larger of these two cabins also has a living room with a fireplace.

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